Political Frenzy!

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With the Russian Legislative Election drawing nearer (2nd December 2007), all political parties here in Russia are thrown into a manic frenzy. The whole town itself is laden with banners, flyers, supporters waving flags… It’s rather obvious that they go to all lengths to promote their cause and draw votes.

Here you see banners strewn across the city. This one reads 'for Putin!'- a political campaign supporting United Russia, Putin's political party.

Here a minor political party’s flyer pasted on a lamp post.

Here you see it pasted on… of all things, a tree trunk.

This one went the extra mile, pasting over the advertisement of an up-and-coming clown show and exotic dance classes.

You thought that was bad enough? How about a super huuuge billboard on the side of the road?

Somewhere amongst that guy’s slanted stoop, clenched fist, uptight lips and pissed off glare is a message- ‘I’m rich enough to sponsor myself an expensive advertising spot on this billboard? I'm definitely rich enough to win your votes over!’

Now here’s something I like- a peaceful political rally. Uncles and aunts joining the youths, waving flags and banners aiming at a good cause. This particular political party has a message for a local millionaire by the name of Chetvergnikov, the owner of Ptisefabrika, which is the provider of all poultry meat here in this region. The banners here read: ‘Decrease the prices for your products! We need to eat!’ ‘Respect your people!’ and ‘Where are you now, Millionaire Chetvergnikov? In Panama or Belgium?’

I suppose they ARE right. While it doesn’t seem to affect those who are rich and well off, any price hike (as little as it seems) affects everybody’s lives. And yet the millionaires continue living in luxuries in their mansions somewhere in the Canary Islands or somewhere in the Caribbean without a care for the world.

Actually, I was mildly relieved that their peaceful rally was uneventful. In my mind, the BERSIH rally still rang clear, if Malaysian government can pull out water cannons and tear gas at a seemingly peaceful rally, what do you think ├╝ber-conservationalistic and post-communistic Russia would do to stop the rally?

Drop a nuclear bomb on the city?

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  1. lynnx01 November 27, 2007 at 11:18 AM
    Yes, what is wrong with peaceful rallies? I just don't understand.
  2. Aleckii November 27, 2007 at 2:02 PM
    Lynn Xuan: Exactly.

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