Autumn In Kursk

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Have you ever just took things slow, and just seep in the sights and the riches around you? Admittedly, Kursk may be one of the boring places in the world, there are still some breathtaking scenes every now and then.

For example a few weeks ago we were having classes at a hospital nearby. In order to get to the hospital we need to walk by a park. And I am the kind of person who tries to get to, and back from, classes as hurriedly as possible. Preferring not to waste my time.

Any other day, I wouldn't even give this park a passing glimpse. But somehow, autumn in Russia brought a strange enough yellowish hue to the whole place. Giving it a coat of romantic persona.

So, long after all my group mates have left, I stayed behind, took out my camera and snapped!

Nearby, there were some parents having their mid day walk, pushing their strollers, or watching their children play in the sandbox.

The sun was just out, mild and balmy. And at that moment, I did truly feel that all this while, I might have taken God's wonderful creation for granted.

Resizing pictures and editing then is a whole new ball game to me. Something I did caused the picture to blur slightly, and they do no justice to the real scenery that day. I will see what I can do later to clearify these pictures.


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