Chinese New Year Concert 2008- Kursk, Russia

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I guess I should explain my abscence from the blogging world. Over here in Kursk, even though Chinese New Year celebration ended about half a month ago, a group of us Chinese students felt it was our responsibility to come together and organize a concert. It has been 3 years since the previous one was held and of course, the stakes are higher just as the task at hand would be as much coarser and tougher.

And ever since November, I've been a part of this committee, hell bent on throwing together a concert that would, in a layman's term, kick some ass.

So last Saturday, finally all the bits and pieces fell together in the form of our Chinese New Year Concert 2008.

My responsibility, on top of throwing together a mini Chinatown, was to see that the event ran without a glitch.

Here are some snapshots done of the ChinaTown.




Basically it consists of several 'stalls' which serves to explain different facets of the Chinese culture- there's the Calligraphy Stalls, where you can get your name written in Chinese character; there's the Lion Dance Spectacular, where you can photograph with the Lion Dance Costume, with my tv playing clips of Lion Dance performances; there's the Beijing teahouse, where you can learn how to make chinese tea the traditional way; and then there's the Chopstick shack, teaching you how to use your chopsticks correctly!

The show started off with a lion dance performance by Andrew and Kong, and right from the moment the concert started off, everything went exceedingly well.


Here are some selected highlights of the night,


A 9 piece Chinese Muscial Orchestra, playing a song called 'qi ji' or miracle. I honestly thought that the performance was simply the best that night. And it's also the first time that we showcased such a wide array of talent. Just watch the clip and you'll see what I mean.

Fan Dance, choreographed by Josephine and Ingrid, was a hit also on the night

Lydia, performed by Ariel, Pek Jinn and Audrey, another amazing performance of vocal prowess

Martial Arts performance, by Ming, Nate, Jack, Nate and Qi Jie

Acapella, by GP, a Kenyan, Brian, a Zambian, and Mex, Diana and Richard, Malaysians. The greatest bit was when GP, Brian and Mex sang in mandarin! Amazing!

Bandbros, fronted by Anwar and Alexis, performing a popular mandarin song, 'Kai Bu Liao Ko' made famous by Jay Chow

At the end of the event, I could literally feel a heavy weight lifted off of my chest. But I know all the committee members delivered to their utmost best, and the concert I felt was a huge success. To the point where the Vice dean who attended the concert, told me that this was the best concert yet that she has ever witnessed.

I personally thought that the whole process was a great one, and that I am proud to have been a part of this committee, roughing it out. And Lord knows how bumpy it got at one point or another, but at the end, we delivered.

But of course, I think the stars of the night were those who worked tirelessly around the clock, some having to travel to different hostels to work until somewhere like 10pm, and some who had to miss classes and lectures in order for the concert to take off without a glitch.


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  1. lynnx01 March 19, 2008 at 11:19 PM
    Kudos to you and your organising committee!
  2. Sweetiepie March 21, 2008 at 8:31 PM
    wow!you guys did a good job in decorating those new year stuff.I am proud of you all too.Happy easter day :)
  3. Aleckii March 24, 2008 at 4:52 PM
    LynnXuan and Sweetiepie: Thanks for your comments, our objective was to organize a memorable concert which can portray our uniquely Chinese culture and I'm glad we did.
  4. Bengbeng April 3, 2008 at 7:16 PM
    great stuff u guys doing down there. i organized something similar but it was ages ago. it was easier for us as everything is available in Kuching. hey...thanks!

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