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I only just stumbled upon this new cool website. Now that I’m on the verge of starting my own web domain (I will be announcing soon- be patient…), I need to get me a NAME CARD! Haha!

So usually, a person like me, who has probably a model of laptop that 5 years too old, wouldn’t want to install a program like Photoshop just for the sake of creating myself a name card. Now, there’s a new solution!

If you head on to this site- http://www.logoyes.com/ you can save yourself hours of misery clicking away at a program made for the pro. It offers help for all the logo designs that you might be interested to create.

For example, I was thinking to start a domain by the name of Fat and balding.com, so all I did was head down to the site-

Select which type of company/purpose the card is meant for

Choose the type of logo I would want it to be

Type in some phrases

And voila! Looks pretty professional right?

And all it takes was barely 2 minutes clicking on the computer screen!

Also, you can engage the help of some professional designers on the site, who will help out in case you need, and create more logos or designs that you are interested in.

You can try it right now if you’d like, for free. So don’t hesitate in giving www.logoyes.com a try!

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